XO of the Crimson Wave


HP: 10
Speed: 6
AC: 4
Attack modifier: +5
Attack damage: 1d6 + 4

Special abilities:
Under The Guard: If Drakkhen misses an attack, roll another attack. If the second attack hits, Drakkhen deals 1d4 +2 damage to the target.
Tail Sweep: Once per encounter, Drakkhen can knock down all enemies adjacent to him as a major action.
Poison Breath: 2d6 damage to all enemies in a 15ft frontal cone. Enemies who perform a successful Dex save take half damage.


Drakkhen is the XO and helmsman for the Crimson Wave. He is fiercely loyal to Bloody Mary, and though intimidating, takes good care of his crew. While he is polite enough with mixed company, he spends little effort on anyone aside from his fellow crew; in a fight, he’s willing to chalk everything else up as “collateral damage”.


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