Captain Marilyn Thyme, a.k.a. Bloody Mary

Captain of the Crimson Wave


HP: 10
Speed: 6
AC: 6
Attack modifier: +4
Attack damage: 1d6 + 4

Special abilities:
Sea Legs – Unaffected by environmental pushes while aboard a sea vessel
Riposte – Once per turn, gets a free attack against an opponent that misses her
I’ll Take That – If a Riposte successfully kills an attacker, Mary has the ability to take the attacker’s weapon, provided she is proficient and the weapon is one-handed. If this occurs, Mary gains an extra 1d4 damage.


Bloody Mary is the captain of the Crimson Wave, a mercenary sea vessel that takes on smuggling and targeted piracy jobs. Loyal to her crew and not much else, though like all sailors she tolerates the presence of Bismark’s agents.

Captain Marilyn Thyme, a.k.a. Bloody Mary

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